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Galaxy Note S Pen with a camera? Probably not happening

09 February, 2019, 06:58 | Author: Tara Roberts
  • Samsung is considering to put a camera in the S Pen

Including a camera in the stylus and producing a phone with a beautifully seamless screen could be an extra selling point. Adding a camera to an external peripheral such as the S-Pen with a button used to control the zoom could get around this issue.

Why it matters: For some people, the S-pen stylus that comes with Samsung's Galaxy Note phones is one of the handsets' best elements, and there's a chance it could gain extra functionality.

The stylus would be capable of sending the imaging signals or data to the connected device via a wire as well as wirelessly, possibly through Bluetooth.

Mets, Marlins and Yankees Discussed Trade Including Noah Syndergaard, J.T. Realmuto
Scheduled to make $5.9 million this season, Realmuto wouldn't preclude the Phils from signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. He was vocal about his refusal to stay with the Marlins, regardless of whether or not they tried to offer an extension.

Including extra lenses for an optical zoom on a smartphone is impractical because they take up additional space. Samsung explains in the patent that smartphones typically employ digital zoom, but in the process of enlarging an image via a program or algorithm, the overall quality of the images takes a hit. The S Pen would be large enough to accommodate a more powerful sensor compared to what resides on the smartphone's back panel and would allow Samsung to implement features such as optical zoom.

Samsung earlier this week acquired a patent for an intriguing S Pen featuring its own a camera. With a literal selfie stick, there would be no need for the camera and, therefore, no need for any notch or punch hole cutout. The illustrations in the patent suggested that a camera sensor would be fit in the upper chamber of the S Pen with the optical zoom being controlled by a separate button. Spotted by PatentlyMobile, the patent mentions that the S Pen is meant to an upcoming Galaxy Note device, but doesn't specify which one. This could be ideal when taking notes during a meeting or lecture, allowing users to snap a photo of a presentation slide via the S-Pen to convert it to text, much like Google Lens and Microsoft's Office Lens.



2018 was the fourth hottest year ever recorded
NASA , NOAA , JMA , Berkeley Earth and the UK Met Office all agree: 2018 was the fourth hottest year in the record books . The average surface temperature was 1.0 degree Celsius above average in the pre-industrial era (1850-1900).

NYPD sends Google cease-and-desist letter over Waze's DWI checkpoints
Before cellphones and traffic apps, the practice of flashing headlights to warn other drivers about "speed traps" was popular.

Minnesota School Bus Driver Shot In The Head During Snow Storm Traffic
The gunman gets out of his sedan and walks round to the bus driver before firing on a snowy highway in Minneapolis . Brown said victim support staff have been assigned to this case, helping both the school bus driver and the girl.

Trump's Annual Physical Set For Friday, No Press Conference Expected
President Donald Trump is likely to be in good health for the remainder of his presidency and beyond, White House physician Dr. Conley revealed in a memo that he and a board of specialists evaluated the president for four hours with a series of tests.

Newshour, Pope admits sexual abuse of nuns by clergy
She said the issue was abusive power relationships, with clerics controlling everything from nuns' vocations to their salaries. Christelle said she had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest of her congregation in France between 2010 and 2011.

No wall on White House talking points on State of the Union
Other elected officials complained Trump's lies are destructive to the city's reputation and economy. Now, it seems that the President will be coming to see just how safe the city of El Paso is.

Albert Finney, British actor, dies aged 82
British actor Albert Finney puffs a big cigar as he sits in the back seat of a vintage cap on the set of " Annie " in NY . He rose to fame as the star of Saturday Night and Sunday Morning which proved to be extremely popular with moviegoers.

Chiefs ask Mahomes to stop playing pickup basketball
Mahomes, who was a high school basketball star, looked pretty great on the court against a bunch of no-names. He was just shooting around and all of a sudden it turns into a spin move and juking guys out.

Thai princess to contest election as prime ministerial candidate
She received her Bachelor of Science from MIT and went on to receive her Masters in public health at the University of California. One of the key losers from the announcement will be the current PM and head of Thailand's military junta, Prayut Chan-ocha.

Lingard sends Premier League title warning to rivals after Solskjaer change
He was a fantastic player. "I signed him for £5 million, it was good business", the Italian said . DC United striker Wayne Rooney believes he is still good enough to play in the Premier League .