A 'super blood wolf moon eclipse' is happening this weekend

18 January, 2019, 03:23 | Author: Tara Reeves
  • The 'Super Blood Wolf Moon' will be visible over Orlando this weekend

The next total lunar eclipse isn't expected to grace the skies until May 2021. Experts say it is safe to look at the eclipse with the naked eye. You'll notice the moon getting significantly darker.

"Blood Moon" - the moon appears to be reddish in color during a total lunar eclipse as the sun, Earth and moon all line up.

All that dry, cold air will sweep away rain clouds just in time for most of the Carolinas to get a good view of a "super moon" combined with a total lunar eclipse just before midnight.

Oh, and it will be a supermoon, meaning it will be ever so slightly closer to Earth than normal.

Stargazers across Northern Ireland will be in for a treat next week, as a rare form of lunar eclipse will be visible in our skies - a "Wolf Blood Super Moon".

According to the Irish Astronomical Association, which is based in Northern Ireland, you won't need any special telescope to observe the eclipse, but a pair of binoculars will allow you to view the changing colours as it develops.

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The Moon will turn red next week as Britain experiences its last total lunar eclipse for 10 years.

Lastly, the January full moon is known as a Wolf Moon, in Native American tradition.

Once totality occurs, one of three things could happen, and there's no way to predict which it will be, Sullivan said. It could also turn a coppery red, which Sullivan described "as the most lovely thing". The reason there's any color to the eclipse - or to sunsets and sunrises, for that matter - is because red light makes it through our atmosphere better than blue light, and the light cast on the moon during an eclipse is light that's peeking around the edges of the Earth through our atmosphere. About once a month, a full moon is visible when it nears that far point and shines brightly as Earth covers up most of the sun. It all depends on how much dust is floating around in Earth's atmosphere at the time. The "Super Moon" refers to a full moon that occurs when the moon is the closest distance to the earth.

Although it is set to be a late Sunday night, there is no shortage of activities inside the centre in the lead-up to the eclipse. Many Christians believe scripture indicates a Blood Moon is a sign from God regarding the return of Christ.

So, Sullivan says, perhaps we should focus on that event, and not just on how fancy a name we can give it.



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