Rare rectangular icebergs spotted by Nasa in Antarctica are for real

24 October, 2018, 20:07 | Author: Tara Reeves
  • Hamish Pritchard | British Antarctic Survey via AP

We tend to think of icebergs as jagged and pointy, with the bulk beneath the surface, and with a penchant for ruining DiCaprio romances.

The main berg, dubbed the A68 Iceberg, collided with the Bawden Ice Rise near the edge of the Larsen C Ice Shelf in May this year, causing numerous fractures. A flight for Operation IceBridge captured the photo.

Nasa had found a piece of floating ice in Antarctica that is so flawless, it looks like it was deliberately cut. "And then you have what are called "tabular icebergs"," she said.

NASA tweeted a photographed of a long, flat, rectangular iceberg last week, breaking up the popular (but false) notion that icebergs are always spiked mountains of frost rising formidably out of the ocean. Not all of them are rectangular-some have jagged borders like a puzzle piece, but most of their sides are sheer and smooth (at least at first).

NASA's ongoing, decades-long survey of polar ice has yielded some truly incredible photographs over the years, but one recent still captured what appears to be a perfectly, nearly impossibly rectangular iceberg.

Scientists have repeatedly warned that the world's sea ice is in danger of completely disappearing as the effects of climate change continue to be felt.

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Senior research scientist Ted Scambos with the University of Colorado at Boulder says the iceberg is in the ballpark of 40 metres tall and anywhere from a mile or two long.

The visible part of the iceberg only represents 10 percent of the entire mass, Fox News reports.

But, he added that "the presence of icebergs like these are a sign of increased calving".

The oddly satisfying phenomenon was discovered near the Larden C ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula. Larsen A collapsed in 1995, and Larsen B collapsed in 2002.

The internet got pretty excited over the past week about an oddly squared-off iceberg that sparked talk of everything from aliens to the imposing monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.



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