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Netflix Is Taking Up Around 15 % Of Global Internet Traffic

07 October, 2018, 10:00 | Author: Tara Roberts
  • BitTorrent is back

But, at 15 percent all on it's own, no single service takes up more bandwidth than Netflix.

According to Sandvine, file-sharing accounts for three percent of global downstream and 22 percent of upstream traffic, with 97 oercent of that traffic being BitTorrent.

Video streaming eats away a sizable chunk of internet bandwidth, and who don't use Netflix, YouTube and services like Prime these days? generates a high volume of data is not new. However, the service's encoding technology makes it the most efficient video provider on the internet.

On the whole, video is king when it comes to downstream traffic on the internet, as it accounts for 57.7 percent of the total volume.

Vice-president of marketing at Sandvine, Cam Cullen, says the huge pressure now on networks is only likely to get worse; "The numbers for video are going to get higher as more and more content goes high definition and users turn more to 4K".

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Sandvine credits Netflix for its prevalent stream pressure innovation, noticing "Netflix could without much of a stretch be 3x their present volume and at 40% of system activity constantly".

How this legislation will be affected by Brexit is unclear at this stage, but hopefully United Kingdom viewers won't miss out on all the French arthouse films and Scandi-noir dramas sure to hit Netflix in the coming months as a result of the new European Union legislation.

Furthermore, and what Sandvine calls "even more frightening", is that 4K now makes up such a small fraction of all the data it's hogging.

Additional findings from the report showed that Netflix ranks third in the Americas top 10 up-streamers, while Amazon Prime Video ranks 4th. Netflix was followed by HTTP media streams, representing 13.1% of all downstream traffic; YouTube (11.4%); web browsing (7.8%); and MPEG transport streams (4.4%). Internet usage for social media platforms specifically take up 5.1 percent of the world's web traffic.



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