White House Goes Silent on Remark about McCain

14 May, 2018, 06:27 | Author: Brooke Harris
  • John Mc Cain and his wife Cindy on stage while campaigning for the 2008 presidential election

After insensitive comments made about Senator John McCain's Health by White House Aide Kelly Sadler, many are wondering if this is the new normal in politics.

"We have a respect for all Americans and that is what we try to put forward in everything we do both in word and in action", Sanders said.

But instead, that was overcome by saturation cable TV coverage about Sadler's comment.

Sadler dismissed Senator McCain's objection to Trump's nominee to be Central Intelligence Agency director, Gina Haspel, by saying it "doesn't matter, he's dying anyway," a source familiar with the closed White House meeting told Reuters on Thursday. The Hill first reported the private remarks.

A White House official dismissed a view expressed by Sen.

The veterans service group on Friday accidentally suggested that the Arizona senator had passed away, sending out a draft email to reporters with a subject line that read, "VFW Remembers Senator John McCain", Fox News reported.

As many in the political press on Friday seized on a comment about Sen.

"The fact is, it worked on John McCain", McInerney said.

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Family and friends were outraged and showed their immediate support for the Senator's decision including fellow Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, Virg Senator Tim Kaine, John's wife Mrs.Cindy McCain, and his daughter, Meghan McCain.

"And it is not how you die, it's about how you live", McCain said to great applause from the audience. McInerney was then asked about his opinion on McCain opposing Haspel's nomination because Haspel believes in torture and thinks that it works. And for all his other flaws, McCain has been quick to oppose people, like Trump, who enthusiastically and thoughtlessly endorse torture. Other media outlets like The Washington Post have confirmed her nasty remark and the White House has not denied what Sadler said.

Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, said that if McCain were in Washington, he could speak directly to his colleagues, but "his statement was so clear it was hard to miss the point that he made".

The conversation turned to Mr. McCain's opposition to Mr. Trump's nominee for C.I.A. director because of her past ties to an interrogation program that used torture on terrorist suspects.

Contradiction and 180 degree turns are nothing new to this White House.

McCain was diagnosed in July with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer.

"I regret I did not catch this remark, as it should have been challenged", Payne said.

"To say he's not a hero because he was a prisoner of war is stupid", Gerson added, alluding to President Trump's knock on McCain during the presidential campaign. He was a war hero because he was captured.



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